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26. April 2016

All-round: Solutions for the spunlaid process

From 2nd to 5th May 2016 at the IDEA in Boston, MA, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG will be demonstrating the company's all-round expertise in the spunlaid process. When it comes to filter media for central filters and spin beams, quench screens and laydown belts, GKD can boast a well-established reputation as an integrated solutions provider for the challenges of spunlaid nonwovens production.

Along with its portfolio of established high-quality products, GKD will be showcasing its latest innovations at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. These will include mesh constructions and selections of materials – custom-configured to meet the individual requirements of specific equipment and products – which will facilitate the integrated adaptation of spunlaid processes to the ever-increasing demands of the converting industry. In the polymer filtration stage, this is primarily through optimised plain dutch weave meshes (ODW) made of stainless steel. Thanks to their special construction, these meshes combine precise filtration with low differential pressure and long service life. ODWs also excel in terms of their high dirt-holding capacity, precise separation rates and low clogging tendency. This mesh type is deployed in the screen changers as a multi-layer construction in process-specifically assembled filter discs or cartridges. In the spin beam, several layers of made-to-measure, perfectly phased meshes – in the filter discs or in the up to 6-metre long filters – filter the flow of the melt and thus improved the service life of the spinneret. Quench screens – constructed from large-format honeycomb carrier plates that are covered on both sides with specially pre-treated mesh and mounted in a frame – ensure the exact laminar flow of cooling air required to harden the filaments before the laydown section. And electrostatically conductive laydown belts from the CONDUCTO® and CONDUCTIVE® range – endless polyester belts with bronze wires or graphite filaments woven into their warp and with non-marking pin seams – also contribute substantially to the safety and reliability of the process flow. Their efficiency is further underlined by their low fibre penetration, uniform card web formation, customised air permeability, excellent nonwoven discharge and reliable adhesion in the laydown section.

Interested visitors will find GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG at the IDEA in Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Booth 1248.

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