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29. April 2015

MEDIAMESH® as an eye-catching component: Experience transparency and innovation

In the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai, the architects of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. have realised an aesthetically appealing and innovative construction project that presents culture, history and technology in perfect harmony over a total area of 2,000 square metres. An eye-catching component of the puristic building at the former exhibition site comprises two interior, transparent MEDIAMESH® façades from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG, which are visible from far away thanks to the glass façades spanning the entire height of the building.

The team of architects led by Nicholas Ott designed the new brand experience centre for automotive manufacturer BMW as a completely glazed, puristic building. With its restrained, austere feel, the cubic shape of the building links modern architecture with the traditional expression of form of the neighbouring Chinese pavilion which houses the China Art Museum. True to the motto less is more, the building is inspired by the ideas of sustainability and transparency. The energy-efficient MEDIAMESH® system also takes these principles into account through its moderate power consumption and durable LEDs in comparison with conventional mediawalls. The transparent media façade installed in front of a balustrade serves as both a fall guard protection and interior solar protection and utilises daylight as natural lighting. Woven stainless steel panels invisibly tensioned in front of the glass rails between the first floor and the ceiling give the building a modern and visually appealing feel. Tighteners at the lower edge of the mesh fixed at the top behind the suspended ceiling deliver the desired delicate look. All this enables the two MEDIAMESH® screens from GKD to shine through the building’s glass façade, thereby motivating passers-by even from a distance to visit the centre. The MEDIAMESH® system consists of six panels and impresses with multimedia colour effects, graphics and video sequences. These lend the showroom its individual character and provide striking contrast to the otherwise cool, completely white surroundings. Rows of LEDs with proven RGB-SMD MEDIAMESH® technology integrated in the stainless steel mesh guarantee the highest level of colour accuracy and an optimised viewing angle. Four panels each measuring 3 x 3.6 metres and two further screens with dimensions of 3 x 2.4 metres cast the brand environment in the limelight and offer the perfect stage for temporary exhibitions or events in the Experience Centre. The transparent media façade supports the concept of sustainability upon which the building design was based with further advantages intrinsic to the material – for example, the mesh is almost completely recyclable at the end of its useful life. Until then, the low maintenance and excellent energy efficiency of the SMD LEDs will contribute for decades to the sustainable facility management of the first BMW Experience Centre in Shanghai.

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