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21. January 2015

Atlantic Glow: Targeted light deflection with reflective ceiling

GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG once again impresses with new functionality and sets new standards in the field of innovative ceiling systems. Manufactured from high-gloss aluminium, the Atlantic Glow mesh facilitates energy-efficient, optimum interior lighting with its targeted reflection and deflection of natural daylight and artificial light. Thanks to this targeted light deflection, the revolutionary new mirror-finish mesh fits in perfectly with the portfolio of ceiling systems offered by GKD, adding another important facet to sustainable room planning.

A room’s lighting must perform specific key functions, while at the same time integrating harmoniously into the overall design concept. Focus generally shifts to actual work when the work areas are more brightly lit than the overall office environment. At the same time, it is important to prevent any extreme dips in lighting levels between neighbouring areas and rooms. Unlike a white ceiling that scatters light diffusely, the revolutionary new Atlantic Glow mesh from GKD offers targeted reflection. Depending on the conceptual design employed, rooms can then make efficient use of the daylight available to improve the general light level or for targeted lighting of workplaces/meeting areas to promote concentration. In addition to this, the elegant appearance of the high-gloss aluminium mesh lends any room a unique and exclusive ambience. Up to 95% of both natural daylight and artificial light is reflected by the mirror finish of the new aluminium mesh. Thanks to maximum utilisation of the daylight available, the mesh makes a key contribution to saving electricity and therefore also resources. The scratch and dirt-resistant material properties offer long-lasting shine with easy care. In addition to the standard mirror finish, the material is also available in colour-anodized form – for example in champagne tones for more visual warmth and creating a cosy atmosphere, while retaining the ceiling solution’s reflective functionality.

On request, the mesh is also available in composite form with honeycomb supporting plates and acoustic fleece, which extend the design options even further to include acoustic optimisation.

Targeted, energy-saving light deflection makes system ceilings created from Atlantic Glow the optimum solution for modern interior design in high-spec offices, reception halls or conference venues. Initial prototypes of the revolutionary new mesh were presented at this year’s AIA fair (American Institute of Architects) in Chicago and immediately aroused a great deal of interest among architects at GKD’s stand, who were keen to discuss the many potential applications.

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