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21. July 2017

GKD at the LIGNA trade fair: Leading expertise in demand

GKD can look back on this year's participation as an exhibitor at LIGNA, the world's leading trade fair for the wood industry in Hanover, Germany, with a great deal of satisfaction. As a market-leading supplier of process belts for the wood products and biomass drying industries, the mesh specialist was a highly sought-after point of contact for plant manufacturers and end customers.

The CONDUCTO® 5065 dryer belts generated a great deal of interest among visitors. Their high level of air permeability together with a small mesh opening guarantees the effective drying of wood shavings, digestates or other biomasses. At the same time, bronze wires interwoven in the running direction prevent electrostatic charging in accordance with the ATEX standard. The belt type with outstanding lateral stability and robustness offers a high degree of tensile strength and also convinces through its running precision and abrasion resistance. Another advantage of its special mesh structure is the high dust retention rate. In this way, CONDUCTO® 5065 dryer belts play a key part in helping our customers comply with the legally stipulated dust load values. Measuring up to 656 feet long and 26.9 feet wide, CONDUCTO® dryer belts have proven themselves in a multitude of applications at all main plant manufacturers.

The CONDUCTO® ventilation belts also met with a lot of interest from the specialist visitors at LIGNA. When producing MDF or chip boards, these raise safety and productivity in prepress. The special weave and strength of the mesh makes this belt type particularly flexible, robust and air permeable. Its structure consisting of polyester monofilaments with bronze wires prevents electrostatic charging reliably and in conformity with the ATEX standard. Damage to the board surfaces caused by adhesion of particles is also a thing of the past with this belt type.

The GKD stand in Hanover was strongly frequented on all five days of the trade fair. Alongside the company’s proven products, the consulting expertise of the GKD engineers was also in great demand. Numerous customers as well as new contacts came to the stand to talk to the experts in order to discuss possible solutions for specific tasks.

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