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18. July 2019

MEDIAMESH®: Eloquent ambassador for art school

The internationally renowned Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) in Ohio received a new face in an elaborate two-phase renovation and construction project. The highlight of the new building is a 150 square meter transparent MEDIAMESH® screen from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG. As widely visible ambassador, it provides a prominent platform for static and moving images of students' works.

The design for the new building by Stantec Architects centers on sustainable user comfort – aligned with LEED criteria – and puristic design. Its completion saw the realization of the One Campus university’s maxim to promote togetherness. A visible symbol of this togetherness takes the form of a MEDIAMESH® screen from GKD on the west façade of the building. The transparent display with integrated LED profiles consists of four panels, each of them 4 x 9.3 meters in size. Over 150 square meters, the resolution of the images at 71,680 pixels ensures a brilliant reproduction of graphics, photos, and videos. As a communication channel between students and the public, the screen reflects the artistic diversity of the CIA and promotes the creative culture of the art school through inspirational images. The transparent stainless steel mesh enables unencumbered views of the outside, making it a more pleasant place to be. At the same time, the energy-efficient and maintenance-free system allows daylight into the university rooms, ensuring effective use of light. The sophisticated design of the medialized construction blends into the background rather than seeking to steal attention from the façade, while still contributing to its eye-catching character.

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