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29. June 2017

Porometric: best filter product of the year

GKD - GEBR. KUFFERATH AG therefore drew a great deal of attention and gained excellent feedback at this year's AFS Spring Conference in Louisville, Kentucky – it couldn't have gone any better. The company was represented at this central hub for users and manufacturers with no less than three presentations. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the AFS Award 2016 for the world's most significant product innovation in the field of filtration.

GKD caused something of a stir among visitors of the AFS when they delivered no less than three presentations. At the same time this serves as impressive testimony of the innovation expertise offered by the world market leader in technical weave. Further proof of this was provided by GKD claiming an AFS Award for the second time in just three years. For Dominik Herper, the GKD development engineer who delivered all three presentations in a single day, the enormous interest shown by the visitors in the topics was remarkable: “The participants’ feedback to all the presentations was very positive. Inquiries from one of America’s most renowned universities or from the head of development of one of the world’s largest chemical corporations showed the significance that was attached to our findings.” The visitors were particularly impressed that Dominik Herper had also brought mesh samples as a demonstration, which, for example, he used to explain the development process of the AFS Award-winning porometric mesh. The task was to develop a filtration medium for a problematic chemical substance with abrasive particles that combined extremely high flow with a low blocking tendency and a low flow rate in the pores. To demonstrate the solution to this, he pulled the wire mesh lengthways: the longitudinal opening that appeared, like the one in the porometric mesh, increases the area through which the substance flows and thereby reduces the flow rate through the pores.

The filtration specialists from GKD also presented a new procedure in the form of the numerical simulation of the bubble point test. For this, they no longer use a standard factor – which is inherently imprecise – as the correction factor for determining the maximum pore size, but rather calculate the specific factor for each mesh type. The greater degree of accuracy offered by this method means that the bubble point test delivers more meaningful results. The new procedure attracted a great deal of attention and prompted lively exchange with the large number of visitors.

The third new development that Dominik Herper presented to the high-calibre audience was optimized dutch weave (ODW) 8 for use in water filtration. Here, the focus was on its deployment for filtering microplastics in municipal sewage systems as well as the scope of application of ODW8 in water filtration compared to ODW10 and ODW6.

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