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09. August 2017

Porometric: New versions of the filtration mesh

With Porometric, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG has created a very open, three-dimensional high-performance mesh that combines a high flow rate with low air stream speeds. Following the successful market launch of Porometric with a geometric pore aperture of 150 µm, the global technological leader for woven media is now working on development of further versions. The meshes with apertures of 25 µm and 300 µm are the most recent additions to the Porometric family.

Porometric excels through its particularly high porosity and air permeability. In fact, the mesh boasts almost twice the permeability of comparable dutch weaves with the same separation rates. While smooth dutch weaves achieve air permeability of just 2,500 l/m²/s at 200 Pa with corresponding apertures, the Porometric mesh from GKD achieves air permeability of 4,800 l/m²/s at 200 Pa with a 150 µm separation rate. The local pore velocity is therefore almost halved by the significantly more open weave, while maintaining the exact same volumetric flow. The three-dimensional slit structure of the mesh with rectangular pores ensures that particles falling within the requisite separating limits are reliably separated. The weave combines these properties with amazing stability, which is guaranteed despite the high porosity of over 70%. This leads to clear price benefits, and the reduced material consumption is reflected in the 30% lower weight and lower manufacturing costs. The presentation of the AFS Awards 2016 at the AFS Spring Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, honored this exceptional performance of Porometric. The mesh was crowned World’s most important product innovation in the field of filtration. The new versions with 25 µm and 300 µm apertures extend the successful portfolio and allow new fields of application to be developed.

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