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25. May 2018

Roller shutters: Combination of transparency and robustness

Roll-up solar protection systems and metal mesh security shutters from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG set new standards in terms of design, convenience, and security. Combining high-grade metal mesh and the proven technology of strategic partner Ferdinand Braselmann, they open up previously unimagined design options and combine exceptional aesthetics with maximum functionality.

The roll-up systems offer completely new design opportunities for solar protection and roll-up doors thanks to the transparency and resistance typical of metal mesh. The visually sophisticated yet technically highly robust structure not only impresses as an aesthetic solution, but also prevents unauthorized entry and theft. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, its possible applications range from use as a night shutter for large display windows in shopping malls, through entrances and exits for underground parking garages at hotels, as well as in office buildings, airports, stadiums or residential units, right through to the separation of access areas in industry or gastronomy. Available in three different mesh types – TIGRIS, LAGO and SAMBESI – the innovative security shutters can be individually designed in terms of their degree of transparency and thereby guarantee the desired degree of visibility and daylight use. The wind-permeable texture secures ventilation of the rooms located behind it. Beside smooth running and low weight, the units (which can measure up to eight meters wide and five meters high) excel through their compact rolled-up door diameter. The design of the complete roll-up door systems originates from the strategic system partner Ferdinand Braselmann and guarantees ease of installation and fast usability, as well as reliable, fault-free operation. Optimized lateral guides also guarantee both quiet and fast opening and closing of the roll-up systems even when used frequently. Beside durability, weather resistance, and minimum cleaning, the low maintenance costs also speak in favor of the GKD metallic mesh system. As a high-grade, sophisticated alternative to conventional expanding lattice and roller shutters, the innovative mesh roll-up systems from GKD can be integrated harmoniously into discerning architecture and impress through their perfect interaction of elegance and security.

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