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24. May 2017

USA: impressive bubble point test simulation

One of the latest developments from GKD - GEBR. KUFFERATH AG recently attracted a great deal of interest in the US. Within the scope of the AFS Spring Conference, Dominik Herper took the opportunity to present the bubble point test simulation. This process is now enabling users in the US to determine pore size significantly faster and more precisely for all standard weave types.

Americans are used to seeing innovations roll off the production line at GKD. Indeed, the company just won the filtration mesh of the year award for the second time. GKD therefore once again demonstrated its innovation expertise in the US with the simultaneous presentation of the bubble point test simulation.

The bubble point test is a measuring procedure that is widely used for quality control of filter media. Until now, however, getting precise information on the largest pore diameters was rather time-consuming. With the bubble point test simulation, GKD has developed a process with which the maximum pore size can be determined both quickly and precisely for all tried and tested weave types. On the basis of a multi-phase simulation model, the largest pore is determined precisely in a matter of seconds – with a screening variance in the one tenth of a micrometer range. The mesh specialist uses CFD tools (computational fluid dynamics) to generate a computational grid and thereby determines a stable value as a correction factor constant. Alongside the significant time and cost savings due to no longer having to perform physical screening tests, the diameter of the largest pore determined in this way is also more precise than the conventional bubble point test. The process not only supports quality control operations during production, but is also extremely useful in the development of new meshes before a single meter has even been woven. The filtration sector in the US was clearly enthused by this new process, with which GKD is once again underlining its impressive innovation expertise.

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