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24. February 2015

New mesh facade: Ecologically sustainable calling card

In 2014, Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG (RLB), the leading banking group in southeast Austria and lead institution of Raiffeisenverband Steiermark, opened its new headquarters in Raaba, bringing all specialist departments under one roof. The new headquarters impresses with their pioneering architecture and their ecologically sustainable design. For the unusual façade design, the Strohecker architectural firm placed their trust in Tigris stainless steel fabric from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG.

The new RLB headquarters brings together all specialist departments, training premises, a conference and event hall for up to 500 people, a restaurant and café as well as underground parking with 100 spaces over an area of 21,200 square metres. The highlight of the building, which accommodates around 800 employees, is the angled front side encapsulated by façade cladding made of GKD metallic fabric. A total of nine panels of Tigris fabric protect the building from direct sunlight and lend it its’ individual character. The panels were attached using the Fusiomesh fastening technology developed by GKD. On the sides of the façade, two angled elements made of a customised version of Tigris 2100 fabric mark the edges of the metallic membrane cladding with rods integrated into the mesh functioning as intermediate fixing elements. Thanks to its transparency, the fabric allows enough daylight into the building interior while granting unrestricted views of the world outside. This helps produce considerable savings on costs for artificial light and supports the ecological balance of the building, which was designed as a “green building”. The bank’s gable cross was superimposed on the fabric using a special etching technique, thus making the front side of the building the bank’s calling card.

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