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05. May 2003

Creating restaurant interiors

Woven metal wire mesh as a subtle interior design element for hotels, restaurants and clubs: „Taku“ in Cologne

Brand names should be instantly recognizable: restaurants, bars and clubs only make the grade as fashionable or cult meeting places if their concept credibly communicates a special lifestyle feeling. And this is exactly what Manfred Brennfleck, “Hotelier 2002”, has achieved with “Taku” in Cologne. He has created a restaurant, discrete yet accentuated and planned to the last detail, which has achieved cult status within the space of just a few months. “Taku” has become a brand name, a “flagship” of international gastronomy, and has justifiably shot to No. 1 of the Top Ten “Best Foreigners” of the gourmet journal “Feinschmecker”. The secret of success lies in the modicum of “more” which characterises the interplay of interior design, cuisine and service. It is the idea of Far-Eastern hospitality beyond superficial effects which “Taku” brings to life for all five senses – the possibility of immersing oneself in another world. And in this other world, woven metal mesh plays one of the leading roles.

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