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22. June 2009

Maxflow convinces Peter Wolters

Machine tools manufacturer takes Maxflow into its product portfolio

“For a brief moment, the cooperation was endangered before it had even started,” says Sascha Schönecken, Sales Manager of GKD-CompactFiltration, with a wink in his eye as he recalls the start of the collaboration between GKD and the company Peter Wolters GmbH. The Maxflow compact filter system had caught the attention of those responsible at Peter Wolters thanks to positive application results reported by one of the company’s customers in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The experts in Rendsburg then requested samples from GKD of the oil filtered by Maxflow, and were at first astounded, and then suspicious. For there could only be one explanation for the incomparable purity of the grinding oil: GKD had sent new oil! A phone call to GKD quickly cleared up the misunderstanding: it was indeed used grinding oil, filtered by Maxflow.

In the meantime, the compact filter system has been running successfully at Peter Wolters for over a year. The evaluation phase has completely convinced this leading manufacturer of high-precision machine tools and systems of Maxflow’s optimal filtration results in a wide range of applications. Now, the Rendsburg-based market leader for systems solutions for fine finishing, lapping, honing and polishing processes has drawn a balance. The conclusion: even in direct comparison Maxflow is technologically unbeatable and currently the most efficient filter system available. In particular, the innovative Maxflow concept delivers optimal results in the filtration of aluminium filings, right down to the micron range.

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