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08. June 2009

Maxflow grows to meet the challenges

Modular concept a great success

“Our mission is to maximise filtration rate without forfeiting separation efficiency,“ says Zbigniew Combrowski, Head of Construction and Development at the business unit GKD-CompactFiltration, succinctly describing the ambitious goal of the Maxflow compact filter system. The filter unit has enjoyed outstanding success during the last two years, and its compactness and modular design are the perfect formula for further and wider success.

GKD-CompactFiltration’s Maxflow compact filter combines filtration and briquetting in a single piece of equipment and allows particle separation down to the micron range. Since its market launch, Maxflow has gone from strength to strength. Whether at a precision grinding works, an autoparts supplier or a manufacturer of precision machine tools, Maxflow is an acclaimed patent solution for a wide range of applications in the field of process filtration and has demonstrated its superiority to alternative filtration methods, even in highly demanding applications like the filtration of aluminium filings. In all the areas it has been implemented in so far, Maxflow has succeeded in significantly improving filtration quality and application results.

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