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30. May 2008

Next generation sludge dewatering

Electrokinetic belts - a technological breakthrough

Economic recycling or disposal of industrial and municipal sewage sludges requires the reduction of their volume and weight. The greater the dry solids content of the sludges, the lower the disposal costs.

For this reason, they are transformed through treatment – the addition of flocculants – and dewatering into a solid product with lower weight and volume that can be easily recycled or disposed of. Centrifuges, chamber filter presses or belt presses are the conventional mechanical dewatering processes, raising the dry solids content of sludges to between 18 and 30 percent. But so far, steeply rising investment and operating costs have limited any real progress in increasing dry solids content beyond this level.

Now, however, the breakthrough has finally come in the form of an internationally patented solution: electrokinetic belts for e-Press type belt presses of the Klein company. This alternative is vastly superior to conventional methods of mechanical sludge dewatering in terms of both efficiency and effectivenesss.

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