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05. May 2003 Tejidos industriales

Blended mesh is the answer

Innovative filter media are the trademark of GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, Düren, the internationally renowned technical mill for wire mesh made of metal, plastics or fibers. The medium-sized enterprise has decades of experience in making blends of the widest range of working …

04. April 2003 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Brand name architecture or the architecture of a brand name

The world’s largest and highly celebrated Louis Vuitton Flagship has opened In Tokyo, a city with a “constantly fluctuating”, “eclectic mix of urban topography”, as it is often described in specialist literature. The …

12. December 2002 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Woven Plastic Mesh in the Fruit Juice Industry

Drop for drop a winner. Increasing demands mean that the fruit juice industry must achieve maximum possible efficiency in its exploitation of raw materials. In view of this challenge, the optimisation of mechanical juice extraction processes is gaining …

11. November 2002 Tejidos arquitectónicos

A desire for constant change

Textile structures are like a skin which constantly changes. They can be used to dress buildings as well as people, optically enshrouding them almost completely from view, and then revealing them in novel and surprising forms. This is one of the leitmotifs in French star …

11. November 2002 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Combining functional high-tech architecture and aesthetic experimentation

The social importance of architecture is a frequent issue of debate across disciplinary boundaries. Landscape planners, architects, sociologists, designers and civil engineers all call for more readiness to experiment in civil …

10. October 2002 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Façades constructed of stainless steel wire mesh

Planning, constructing and installing large-scale façades made of stainless steel mesh confront metal construction builders and material suppliers with a complexity of challenges. But here, too, the principle still applies: the closer the elements of the …

08. August 2002 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Special products for high-standard nonwovens production

Nonwovens are the material of the future. Economic to produce, universally applicable and highly robust – these are the key advantages of nonwovens. They can be used as easily for packaging, protective clothing and hygiene articles as for …

12. December 2001 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Multimedia interface: EXPOMEDIA LIGHT CUBE

Like an enormous monolith, the cube towers over the Saar terraces in the west of Saarbrücken. As the sun follows its daily path, the outer cloak of stainless steel changes from a monochrome gray in the early morning light to a bright shining silvery coolness at …

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