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14. October 2013 Tejidos arquitectónicos

GKD develops 3D ceiling system from composite mesh

The composite mesh (CMP mesh), made up of honeycomb supporting plate and acoustic fleece, was presented for the first time at the BAU 2013 trade fair and has now been further developed by GKD. Three-dimensional composite panels now allow new design …

02. October 2013 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Black stainless steel mesh allows colours to shine

French architect Dominique Perrault was awarded the contract for three new construction and refurbishment projects for the EPFL. He designed the now refurbished former university library, which today functions as a central administration and service …

14. August 2013 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Coloured mesh and architecture

Over the last few years, the use of colour for facades and interior spaces has once again been gaining ground. New technologies and materials are allowing previously unknown design possibilities to be tapped. The increased awareness of and sensitivity to the importance of …

14. August 2013 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Casino attracts gambling fans with a woven media facade

Spread over more than 46,000 square metres, gambling fans will find everything their hearts desire in eight themed playing areas. The casino’s location right on Interstate Highway 35 is intended to attract people passing through. With two large …

18. March 2013 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Brilliant acoustics

Modernisation in line with conservation practice The refurbishment of the historical building posed a variety of challenges to the Stuttgart-based architect firm zsp Architekten: the plan involved refurbishment of all structural-physical and energy-related aspects of the …

12. February 2013 Tejidos arquitectónicos

LEED Gold for “green court” in Brazil

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, is legendary for its architectural highlights. The capital city Brasilia was constructed in around 1,000 days between 1956 and 1960 based on a design by Oscar Niemeyer. The centre of this massive retort city has …

25. January 2013 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Systematic success: New metallic mesh products well received

This assessment was also confirmed by the event organisers, as the approximately 235,000 visitors to this year’s BAU fair included over 50,000 architects and planners. By submitting inquiries on the GKD stand regarding various concrete …

18. December 2012 Tejidos arquitectónicos

Innovative metallic mesh solutions at BAU 2013

Transparent media facades One focus is on the new generation of Mediamesh and Illumesh transparent media facade systems. With improved technology and an expanded range of applications, GKD continues the global success story of architecturally …

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