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27. May 2011

Set for success despite fall in revenue

Two business units achieve record levels of 2008

“Three business units have weathered the crisis of 2009 and ended the financial year in a stronger position“, concludes Dr. Stephan Kufferath, chairman of GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, with reference to the increased sales in the 2010 financial year. Total revenues of GKD for 2010 were down by 21 per cent to 67.8 m. euros (2009: 86.2 m. euros). Due to the sale of the South African company Delkor Capital Equipment Pty. Ltd. revenues of the former GKD subsidiary included the previous year were not included in the past financial year. As manufacturers of mesh-based media the two GKD corporate divisions WORLD WIDE WEAVE (technical meshes) and CAPITAL EQUIPMENT (capital equipment and plant engineering) maintained their market lead. The independently organised business units showed different revenue trends compared with the previous year. SOLID WEAVE (filtration and separation technology), WEAVE IN MOTION (process belt technology) and GKD-COMPACT FILTRATION (compact filter systems) all achieved revenue growth in 2010. While SOLID WEAVE and WEAVE IN MOTION achieved the record levels of 2008, the CREATIVE WEAVE (architecture and design) business unit suffered a reverse. This was due to the abandonment of plans for new architectural projects and temporary closures resulting from the real estate crisis of 2009, which impacted on the unit in 2010. At the close of the 2010 financial year GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG employed 591 staff worldwide, 388 of them at its headquarters in Düren, and provided training for 24 apprentices.

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