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06. June 2004

The GKD Wire Mesh Atlas

A compact reference work for materials, planning and processing

The textile-like structure of wire mesh fascinates builders and architects alike all over the world. Supple, shimmering, highly reflective, transparent or opaque – interpretations of wire mesh as claddings for whole buildings, ceilings, walls or columns, as a floor covering, and as partition walls or sunscreens reflect the endless scope for design ideas. In interaction with light, the mesh surface can appear transparent or opaque as desired, can act as a projection screen in decorative or high-profile contexts, and lends both rhythm and tension to architectural form. In addition to this abundance of aesthetic arguments, the industrial raw material itself is just as convincing through functional advantages like fire-resistance, a practically unlimited service life, easy maintenance, robustness and resistance to weather, and also in view of the dimensions in which the wire mesh can be produced, allowing it to fit to every architectural form without any visible seams. There are, therefore, practically no limits on application potential, a fact which presents a special challenge to planners, metal workers and architects alike. In addition to considering the range of optical and functional qualities required, conceptualization of a project must also make the optimal choice between the different materials in terms of their specific properties and application potentials.

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