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02. July 2012

The role of metallic mesh in the transformation of stadium architecture

Shiny shell, functional protection, lucrative advertising medium

Faster, higher, further: since ancient times, the best athletes have been competing against one another to win much-coveted sporting titles. The dream of fame and being undefeated fascinates protagonists and spectators alike. Whether the Olympic Games, European or world championships – top athletes competing for medals, trophies and titles have made sport a global spectacle that unites cultures. TV broadcasts of the key moments that make the difference between winning and losing combine up-close experience of events with maximum media presence. Consequently, the requirements to be met by sporting arenas are rather complex. Alongside the greatest possible flexibility of use, investors and operators also place great emphasis on the overall spectator experience and economic efficiency. Spectacular constructions and stages where people go to see and be seen underline the enormous change that sport and its architectures are experiencing. Exceptional aesthetics and multifunctional performance make stadiums a lucrative investment and long-term source of income. CREATIVE WEAVE metallic mesh from GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG (GKD) has been a global player in the transformation of stadium architecture right from the outset.

The full press release is available as PDF download.

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