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24. September 2010

Vacubelt® 2015 convinces Chinese power station operators

Increased efficiency in FGD gypsum dewatering

After the U.S., China is the world’s largest electricity producer. Nevertheless, the power station capacities, which have been steadily expanded over the past few decades, cannot keep up with the country’s immense demand for energy. Due to an increase in economic growth and private prosperity, there is a steady rise in the demand for energy. Weather conditions, such as droughts and record cold temperatures, make matters even worse. Hence – as key to higher productivity – the country pushes construction of modern power stations and modernization of existing ones. One of the largest independent energy companies in China, the Datang International Power Generation Company Ltd., is headquartered in Beijing. The group of companies includes 15 coal-fired power stations, eight hydroelectric power stations and one wind energy plant, as well as four other energy plants and 50 power supply companies throughout the country. Since October 2009, Datang has relied on a vacuum filter belt (Vacubelt® 2015), from GKD – Gebr Kufferath AG, which has provided great success for its FGD gypsum dewatering. Reliability and filtration rate of the single-layer polyester monofilament mesh convinced the responsible Datang technicians across the board.

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